believit 2

Believit 2 - for people with HIV/AIDS - An alternative strategy for improving the immune system

What is Believit 2?

It is a proprietary formulation of organic, non-GMO flax seeds, plant extracts (including plant sterols), vitamins and minerals. It is a nutritional, therapeutic product to help people manage certain conditions of HIV/AIDS.

Each package contains 28 daily servings. Take 5 teaspoons at breakfast. It can be mixed in juice, sprinkled on top of cereal, blended in a smoothie or mixed in bouillon.

Believit 2 is not a drug. We do not claim that our supplement prevents, cures or treats symptoms of HIV and/or AIDS.

We offer people who are HIV-positive or who have AIDS a natural product to boost their immune systems.

Who should take Believit 2?

People who are taking antiretroviral drugs. Our product may help alleviate some of the side effects such as:

  • osteopenia - a slow deterioration of the bones
  • high triglycerides and VLDL cholesterol which causes cardiovascular problems
  • chronic diarrhea

People who are NOT taking anti-retroviral drugs. Our product would help:

  • to alleviate chronic fatigue; improve energy levels
  • to improve the immune system
  • to lessen skin problems

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