caelia 2

Caelia 2 - for women undergoing menopause

What is Caelia 2?

Caelia 2 is a proprietary formulation of organic, non-GMO flax seeds, plant extracts (including sterols), vitamins and minerals. It is free of preservatives, colouring, starch, gluten, yeast or flavouring.

Each package contains 28 daily servings. Take 5 teaspoons at breakfast. It can be mixed in juice, sprinkled on top of cereal, blended in a smoothie or mixed in bouillon.

Menopause is a natural part of a woman's life cycle; we offer women an alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Who should use Caelia 2?

Women who choose a natural way to manage their symptoms during menopause.

In January 2004, the Canadian Cancer Society announced that "long-term use of combined hormone replacement therapy increases breast cancer risk in women over 50, as well as risk of other diseases including heart disease, stroke and blood clots in the lungs".

How can Caelia 2 help you? It:

Relieves hot flashes and night sweats

Our formula contains plant sterols which are natural "estrogen alternates". They are surrogates for the estrogen lost in menopause.

Helps strengthen your bones

Woman's bodies often become deficient in calcium and magnesium because they lose natural estrogen during menopause. Vitamin K in Caelia 2 improves the intake of calcium and magnesium the body needs.

Helps control weight gain

Many women gain weight, especially around the waist, during menopause. Dietary fibre, essential fatty acids and plant triterpenoids in Caelia 2 help to rebalance food intake and energy expenditure.

Reduces anxiety, mood swings and insomnia

If you are suffering from mood swings, anxiety, depression and insomnia, Caelia 2 is made for you. Our formula has plant extracts and minerals that help to lessen these symptoms. You will sleep better, have more energy and feel well.

Reduces the frequency of urinating at night

You'll be able to sleep through the night or wake up less often during the night

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