ProstElix - helps to manage conditions of prostate enlargement

What is ProstElix?

It is a proprietary formulation of organic, non-GMO flax seeds, plant extracts (including plant sterols), vitamins and minerals. It is a nutritional, therapeutic product to help men manage certain conditions of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - a slow enlargment of the prostate gland.

ProstElix was developed by a loving daughter for her father, a retired physician.

Who should use ProstElix?

Men over forty

As men grow older, they are likely to develop BPH. Their enlarged prostate presses against their urethra causing them to have an urgent need to urinate often, especially at night, Their urine stream is weak and they have difficulty in starting and finishing urinating. They often have a painful, burning sensation when urinating. These symptoms will increase with age.

By taking ProstElix when they notice the symptoms, men are able to minimize the problem. They can lead regular lives, get a good night's sleep and have their attention focused on more interesting matters than the location of the nearest washroom!

If these symptoms are ignored, the prostate gland will continue to enlarge. The results could be inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis) or prostate cancer.

Why should you choose ProstElix?

ProstElix is not a drug. Plant sterols are one of the ingredients in ProstElix. They have been used effectively and safely, since the 1950s, by German urologists to treat prostate problems.

We offer a natural product to men who choose not to take prescription drugs, e.g. Proscar (Finasteride)  to treat BPH because of their adverse side effects.

There are many botanical extracts available for treating BPH and they contain saturated fatty-acids and sterols. However, there are numerous types of sterols and not all sterols are alike or are effective.

One ProstElix capsule contains 500 mg of specially formulated plant sterols.

A sample capsule of saw palmetto extract might contain 2 to 3 mg of total sterols.

One ProstElix capsule = more than 300 capsules of sample sterols

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