A Summary of Our Product Lines

Xymega products for health, happiness and longevity

AstaXan     Helps people with certain neurological dysfunctions

Believit     Improves men's health

Believit 2     Improves the quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS

Caelia     Improves women's health

Caelia 2     An alternative to hormone replacement therapy

Ceriba     For breast cancer survivors

Cholexa     For people with high cholesterol

ButterMax     The cholesterol-neutralizing butter

ProstElix     Helps manage the problems of prostate enlargement

Reclaimit     Anti-aging formula containing two super anti-oxidants

Veterinary formula

CDX     Improves the immune system, coat quality and alleviates certain age-related physiological problems in cats and dogs

Our recommendations

Xymega products are gentle and effective but results are gradual.

We recommend a two or three months' trial. A month's trial may not give noticeable results. Most people will notice the changes in their health over a three-month period. Our most satisfied clients are the ones who have taken our products for over a year. They can see the overall improvement over a twelve-month period.

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